Contact Details

Chair: John Oversby: 0118 987 3623

Group Secretary: Alison Melabie: 0118 977 2070

Footpath secretary: Brian Hackett 0118 986 1115

Web Site Administrator

Walk Leaders' Mobile Numbers

(Note landline numbers are provided in the emailed and printed versions of the programme.)

Jim Arnott 07780 683392
Chris Bintcliffe 07792 201736
Catherine Breen 07583 764171
Maureen Carver 07766 888473
Julie Case 07473 724344
Peter Day 07745 904016
Peter Francis 07757 440872
Carolyn Gowers 07766 488492
Inger Grindley 07969 504881
Jean Hall 07816 591696
Liz Hewitt 07545 959166
Maggie Hills 07713 716048
Monica Hills 07790 628247
Jill Kendal 07787 490299
Vinny Knowles 07546 925416
Ali Melabie 07816 191399
Sonia Nash 07784 627247
Mike Newman 07971 857033
Gloria Ryall 07922 707131
Mike Ryall 07831 298708
Richard Sangster 07541 350036
Elizabeth Smeeth 07745 578383
Karin Smith 07855 600423
Keith Toogood 07741 460020
Paul Townson 07759 202424
Marian Waters 07521 378895

Footpath Problems

Ramblers walkers are encouraged to report any problems they find with footpaths, such as broken or dangerous stiles, blocked or overgrown paths, or flytipping. All problems will be dealt with by the relevant local authority. Nowadays, it's quite easy to report problems online with most authorities. A photo of the problem usually helps. The local authority for Mid Berks Ramblers area is West Berkshire. Most of our walks take place in West Berks, Oxfordshire (which inclues South Oxfordshire), Hampshire or Wokingham District. Click on a link to take you to the appropriate reporting page.

The Pathwatch feature of the Ramblers website also allows you to report problems anywhere in England and Wales - you need to register to use the online system, or you can log problems instantly with your smart phone.

Alternatively, Brian Jones, a former Berkshire Area Footpath Secretary, has developed a website to simplify the process. All you have to do is click on a map to identify the location of the problem and type a few words of description. You can try the website here.

The final method is to notify the Mid Berks Footpath Secretary with details, for onward forwarding to the relevant authority.

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